Tina DiGeorge

Owner & Business Manager

Tina is a SoCal native and a lover of photographer, er, photography (the photographer she loves would be her wife, Jenny). She's behind the scenes at Citizen and when she's not composing music for film or performing with her band EZ Tiger you'll find her spreading the Citizen word. Preach. 

Jenny Walters

Owner & Photographer

Jenny has been taking pictures since she was 8 years old. At 13 she taught herself the darkroom and somewhere along the line got herself a master's degree in photography. In Chicago she taught other aspiring photographers the craft and then made her way to Los Angeles. A midwestern native means she's really friendly and down to earth, which makes for an easy, no-stress photo shoot. She has exhibited her photography internationally while her work for Citizen has been seen in publications such as the New York Times, Texas Monthly, Art Collector and Mindful magazine, as well as oodles of websites including The Kitchen Widow and MaxLove Project. She loves to take pictures and make people look and feel their best. Lucky for you!