Booking your appointment is super easy...

Contact us here and let us know you're interested - we will be in touch within 24 hours

Once in touch we will answer any questions you might have. We have referrals for make-up and hair artists should you want them (many clients DIY it and look great). Once we get a sense of what you are hoping for from your session we can guide you toward the best package, as well as offer advice on wardrobe and location. Session packages are described here.

A 50% non-refundable deposit (check or credit card) holds your session appointment with the remainder due at the time of the session.

Then your session appointment day arrives. You just have to sit there and occasionally do what we tell you (in a look here, look there, kind of way). 

Within 10 days of your session you will receive a private, online gallery featuring your portraits retouched and looking stellar. From there you can easily and instantly download your high and low resolution files - we provide both so you can use them online or get them printed without having to re-size anything. 

Start using your Citizen Portraits for everything from websites to social media profiles to publicity. Rule the world. 

That's it! Peace out. Drop the mic.